About Us

Welcome to Merioks Language Center.

Our professional team and language learning activities will make you forget about boring lessons. Nowadays you can learn the language naturally, as the kids do with minimum effort and more fun. Have a look at the benefits you will get studying with us:

Have lessons any suitable for you time

Have Lessons Any Suitable Time

Learn online. Live offline. In our school you can study from anywhere at any time. Classes are available around the clock and around the world. Our classes are offered 24/7, so you can learn languages online whenever and wherever you wish. You are able to choose the timing and the teacher you prefer for 1-to-1 lesson, as well as join any studying group through the week depending on your schedule.

All information and materials from your classes will be provided

Get additional information and materials

We provide you with additional materials after registration so do not worry if you cannot attend one of your group or 1-to-1 lessons for any reason. Every piece of the important information you need to remember will be available in your student profile any time you need it.

Suspend your classes whenever you want

Suspend Your Lessons Whenever You Want

By purchasing 6-or 12-month package, our school will give you ability to freeze your tuition. In case you can not attend your online lessons for some period of time, just simply apply for suspension. Having 6-month package, you might suspend it for 30 days, and having 12-month package for 60 days respectively.

Learn with native speaker

Learn with Native Speaker

Our qualified professional personnel will immerse you in the culture of the language you study. It is also important phonetically since you will listen to a language in origin. Native speakers will be the best motivator for you to put your knowledge into practice. We choose only professional staff, since native speaker teacher is superior in oral skills, listening and speaking.

Flexible Payment

Flexible Payment

We give you this unique opportunity to pay in installments because we understand that not everyone can pay the full amount at once. By purchasing a 6-month package you will need to pay only 50% at first to start and with a 1-year package only 25%. The second part of the payment can be made during the first 30 to 90 days after registration depending on your package.

Free E-book, trial and support 24/7

Free E-book, Trial and Support 24/7

As soon as you register, you will get your E-Book completely for free. If you are not sure what is your level or whether online lesson would work out for you, just get a trial lesson before signing up. It is completely free and there is no obligation. If you have questions or any problems occurred, please contact us anytime (24/7).

Our focus is on the most spoken languages around the world such as English, Spanish, and Chinese. A new language will open a new world with more opportunities, options, and experiences. Our activities will make you long for one more lesson. We hope that here you will find everything you need to make your dream of speaking a foreign language come true.