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Group Lessons

Studying in a group will help you to leave your comfort zone and socialize with fellows of other cultures. It will consist of a few students who will learn along. By choosing this type of lesson you will be able to select a teacher, group, and schedule in your favor.

Choose your language

Has it always been your dream to learn a foreign language? Then you have chosen the right school for adults to make your dream come true. Our school is designed in a way that any person can learn at any level, from Beginner to Advanced. Speaking languages makes your life more enjoyable since it opens the door to new cultures, experiences, and opportunities.


Beginner - Advanced

Discover which level of language proficiency you possess and make it even better. We offer you to learn to speak all possible levels from A1 (Beginner) to C2 (Advanced). But what is more important, with us you learn where and when you want.



No matter what your level is, the best way to prepare for the DELE exam is to take our preparation course. It is specifically designed to get you familiar with the structure and content of the exam with the help of activities like: reading, listening, writing and speaking


Beginner - Advanced

We offer English lessons for every language level: A1-C2. From beginners to professionals, everyone can learn with us. With our English teachers you will not only experience the English language but also English culture. Based on your needs, our course is created just for you. Give it a try!



This test is considered as one of the best in assessing skills in English language. Our course will help you understand what you can do to achieve your best TOEFL test score. The teachers will guide you through each section (Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing). Start in autumn!



Being the world's most popular English language test, the IELTS qualification is recognised worldwide. Whether you want to work for a multi-national company, in education or even in government, a good result in your IELTS certificate can help you achieve your career aspirations. Start in autumn!

For refugees


Knowledge of English will help you successfully find a job, communicate and live in different countries. This course is made to help you start your life in a new country: communicate in shops, go through job interviews, visit the doctor, and feel more confident in everyday life situations.



Wondering about language level you stuck on? Want to know how to improve it? We got all tools to make it happen.



The HSK test consists of writing and speaking exams, which are independent of each other. The purpose of the test is to "promote training and learning through testing".



We will assist you in learning business phrases and understanding Chinese culture so you can communicate professionally in the largest market in the world.